Values, mission, vision

Matinkylän Huolto Oy´s business model is to "provide basic services related to living and working in the area with such high quality that they make the area good to live and work in".

The cornerstone of all of our operations is to be methodical, efficient and economical. For many years, we have focused on working in partnership with our customers to manage and develop these basic issues in a goal-oriented way.

Customer focus, security and modernity are aspects of our business that our customers value.

Modern property maintenance for the benefit of our customers

As a property maintenance and management company, we are a major local business. This has enabled us to invest in the most advanced IT facilities in the sector and in training our personnel. Our transparent IT systems enable our customers to monitor much of our business using the internet. Technology helps us to focus on the most important issue - serving our customers.

We have long-term experience that enables us to obtain major procurement benefits for our customers thanks to our large order volumes. This can always be customised to the unique needs of each customer.

Expertise creates security

For almost everyone, your home is the largest investment you will make, so it is important to take good care of it. We employ experts in a number of fields related to property maintenance and we provide them with constant training to ensure that they stay up to date. Our experts take care of our customers´ administrative duties and finances with care and long-term vision. They are able to use their expertise to ensure that large-scale renovations are completed in accordance with each customer´s wishes. They also use external consultants if the customer desires. Our customers can trust in our expertise. We have been an ISA-authorised property manager since 1988. Authorised organisations are monitored in accordance with ISA ry´s regulations.

Methodical work helps customers to avoid nasty surprises

If property maintenance is not based on methodical work and foresight, mistakes can be costly, particularly if many problems occur at the same time. We have drafted maintenance programmes for almost all of our property management customers. These programmes are based on long-term historical data and extensive building condition surveys. The programmes set out the most important renovation and development needs for the next ten years. When the programmes are approved by the general meeting of shareholders and attached as appendices to the property manager´s certificate, methodical lifecycle management is assured.