Customer service point

Customer service point

Visiting address
Matinkatu 20
office at walking level between doors C-D
02230 Espoo

+358 9 804 63 211
+358 9 804 63 212


The best way to find our customer service is to arrive via/through Anjankuja

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday 8:00-16:00
Friday 8:00-15:00

We inform customers about unusual opening hours with notices on doors and with answering machine messages.

The first and last weekday of the month are usually the busiest days. We ask you to allow adequate time when you visit the office.

Our customer service point deals with the following

  • guidance for residents
  • key service
  • reservations for parking spaces
  • sauna reservations
  • matters related to tenancy agreements of real estate companies
  • matters related to moving house, such as
    • notices of change of address
    • notices of change of name
    • extracts from the register of occupants