Social responsibility

Matinkylän Huolto Oy´s environmental management system was documented and deployed at the end of 1998. It did not result in any particular upheavals as we have always had an eye on environmental matters. We conducted an environmental review and set out an environmental policy and programme, all of which formed a solid base for our environmental affairs and enabled us to evaluate our development needs. We publish an environmental report on our operations annually.

Consumption monitoring and waste disposal

Matinkylän Huolto has always had an eye on environmental affairs. An example of this is that our monitoring and communications related to energy and water consumption in our customers´ housing companies have been excellent for a number of years. The noticeboards in our customers´ buildings display up-to-date consumption data. Waste disposal is also well managed: cardboard and paper recycling is centrally organised at Matinkylän Huolto´s initiative.

Environmental impact of our operations

Our environmental review revealed that the most significant environmental impact areas of our own operations are related to the equipment bought and used to clean and tend to outdoor areas, the spreading and removing of grit, water and paper consumption, and waste disposal.

Reducing emissions

We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our equipment, including exhaust emissions, noise and unpleasant smells. We will do this by monitoring fuel consumption, using electric cars whenever possible, optimising routes, minimising journeys for transporting equipment and reducing the number of cold starts. We have bought bicycles for our maintenance personnel and we have tried to change our personnel´s driving habits.

Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy is the basis for objectives, targets and measures that will enable us to further improve environmental issues in our business.