You can collect and return keys at our customer service point. Please note that you may need to show proof of ID and proof of your right to collect the keys.

Keys to residences

If you are collecting the keys to a residence in a rental housing company, you must bring your tenancy agreement and proof of ID. Depending on the housing company, you may also need to show a receipt to prove that your have paid the security deposit. You cannot usually collect your keys before the first day of your tenancy agreement unless you have agreed otherwise with the landlord.

When your tenancy agreement ends you must return the keys to the customer service point. You must not leave the keys in the residence or give them directly to the next occupant.

The keys must be returned by midday on the day after you move out. Remember to return all of the keys that you were given. The housing company may levy a punitive charge if you do not return all of the keys. It may also arrange for the locks to be changed at your expense.

Keys to common areas

For security reasons, each residence usually only has one key that provides access to the housing company´s common areas. In most housing companies, the key to the common areas provides access to the cellar and storage areas. Depending on the housing company, there may be a separate key to the sauna. Many housing companies levy a punitive charge for lost keys to common areas. Please look after your key.

Ordering additional keys

In housing companies, shareholders have the right to order additional keys to their homes. In rental housing companies, tenants also have this right. If you do not have the right to order additional keys, you will require a letter of consent. You can order keys at our customer service point. There is always a charge for ordering extra keys. This charge must be paid when you place the order. It is a good idea to order additional keys well in advance as it may take several weeks for the keys to be delivered from the factory.

Deposits and punitive charges for keys

Many housing companies charge a deposit for keys. The deposit will be returned when you return your keys. The housing company may also levy a punitive charge if you lose your keys. The punitive charge should cover the cost of changing the locks. Please look after your keys.

Changing a residence´s locks

In a rental housing company, if a tenant moves out without returning all of his/her keys, it will be necessary to change the locks at the departing tenant´s expense.

In housing companies, the shareholder is responsible for changing the locks to his/her home. Please only use authorised, reliable locksmiths. If the locks to your home do not belong to the building´s series, the maintenance company will not be able to access your home using the master key. If you lose your keys or if your home must be entered due to an emergency, a locksmith will need to be called in. You will be liable for any costs arising from this.

Security locks

Many homes have a separate security lock in addition to the traditional lock. If your home has a security lock, please make sure that you give one key to the maintenance company or to a trustworthy person. We charge an annual fee for storing keys to security locks. If you lose your keys and nobody else has a key, a locksmith will need to be called in. You will be liable for any costs arising from this.


If you need to install a security lock or make other changes to the locking system, it is a good idea to use an authorised locksmith. Authorised locksmiths always carry a photographic ID card. It is safest to use the locksmiths recommended by the property management company or maintenance company.


Many break-ins can be prevented if correct security measures are taken. In most cases it is sufficient for the door to the residence to be deadlatched. This is possible in the majority of the housing companies that we have as customers.

Keys to car parks and electrical outlets

You can collect keys to garages, remote controls and keys to electrical outlets for heating systems from our customer service point. In many cases you will need to show your tenancy agreement for the parking space.

Lending keys to contractors

Contractors who are making renovations can collect keys to the property from our customer service point if they present proof of entitlement. If you commission a contractor to make renovations, you should make an agreement with the contractor about borrowing a key. The contractor should make sure that the person who is sent to collect the keys has all of the necessary documents and an ID card. When the contractor arrives to collect the keys, he/she will receive precise guidelines on the process for borrowing keys, how the keys may be used and stored, and how to return them.

Moving in

We would like to warmly welcome you to your new home, serviced by us.

It can take time to get used to a new area. When you have moved all of your things in and spent your first night in your new home it will be time to turn your attention to handling your day-to-day affairs. You may have a number of questions: Where are the shops, bank, post office, pharmacy and other services? Where are the nearest public transport stops? These pages contain some information to help you get started in your new neighbourhood.